Clitheroe Castle, Pendle Witch Scapegoats!

Clitheroe Castle was the venue for todays gathering for more Lost Legends work. The young people from Marsden Heights, Mash, Jenny, Huckleberry Films, Kerris the artist and myself all joined Julie who works for the museum service to really understand why the Lancashire witches were used as scapegoats.

Julie read a condensed version of the beginning of the Pendle witches story and questioned us all along the way about what we thought about meanings of words, feelings of the people involed etc. It highlighted again the work carried out at Whitehaugh from the residential, examining in a little more detail the story.

We then had to draw a picture of what we thought a witch looked like. This was a sort of trick question as everyone drew pictures of what a traditional witch would look like. Then Julie showed us a picture of a little 9 year old African child. I knew what was coming as I'd seen her face before. We talked a little about Stepping Stones Nigeria who help to educate and rescue children in Africa who are even today, 400 years after the Pendle Witch trials are being thrown out of homes, beaten, burned and killed because problems and issues in their families are being blamed on them. It doesn't rain and crops fail - the child is a witch, somebody falls ill in the family - the child is a witch. Unbelievable that today this is still happening. Stepping Stones Nigeria is a charity that tries to support and educate people that this simply is wrong, and helps rescue abandoned children into schools centres to give them back a life and show them they are not and have never been witches!

Our session came to an end as I helped Julie with a Thought Tracking exercise, exploring how a person might feel when treated as a scapegoat, how, why, what might their emotions be like. We saw the negative effects on a person and then moved our story on a little to see the opposite, exploring the positive feelings and emotions when a person is understood. Great fun!

Great little venue at Clitheroe Castle as well!

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